Jerry Minnich

Progression Electric, LLC was found in 1998 by the late Jerry Minnich. Jerry built Progression Electric with honesty and integrity to fulfill the needs of customers and clients. Jerry had that knack of figuring out a way to do the impossible. One of his famous sayings says it all “Can’t means you don’t want to”. He followed that premise during his entire career. With a management team that has over 120 years of electrical experience, we understand the demands and needs of our customers, contractors, and municipalities.

Jay Wise

Jay started with Progression as an apprentice. He has been with Progression for 23 years. As our President, Jay oversees all Project Mangers, estimates and evaluates bids, monitors project budgets, and manages staffing and equipment resources on all Progression projects.

He is known as a respected leader and takes great pride in the company and the quality of our work. He has a proven ability to build meaningful relationship with our customers and partners.

Bill Medley
Vice President

Bill has been with at Progression for 16 years, but brings over 45 years of experience as a traffic signal technician. As our Vice-President, Bill performs the estimating and management for all signal projects, regulates all ordering for projects, and Organizes maintenance and troubleshooting for all our municipality contracts. Bill graduated from Tennessee Technology University and is a specialist in trouble-shooting problems with traffic signal equipment and systems.

Ronnie Lane
Estimator/ Warehouse Manager

Ronnie brings 35 years of electrical experience to Progression. He has extensive knowledge in Electrical Automation, employee safety training, and instrumentation. With Ronnie’s Knowledge and experience in the electrical field he evaluates and estimates our commercial and Industrial projects and maintains supplier/subcontractor information and pricing.

He utilizes his established relationships with vendors across the area to ensure we have competitive pricing for our customers and contractors.

Amy Wise

Business Office Manager